Cécile Tonglet, age 37 <cv@cecton.com>

5330 Assesse

Languages: French (5. Native), English (4. Full professional proficiency), Dutch (1. Elementary proficiency)
European Driving Licence B

Cécile Tonglet

Rust Developer 🦀

Experience Career path

RustMinded SRL 01.2020 – current

I founded my own company so I can work on Rust projects all over the world.

Technologies: Rust.

IMI Hydronic Engineering 11.2020 – current

I'm building a frontend Web App that communicates with an IoT device to show a live feed of data of the device.

Technologies: Rust, WASM.

Apollo GraphQL 08.2021 – 03.2022

Working on the performant Apollo GraphQL Router in RustWorking on the performant Apollo GraphQL Router in Rust

Technologies: Rust.

Big Boy Systems 07.2020 – 10.2020

Developing a web application and a captive portal for a 3D camera.

Technologies: Python, React, JavaScript, Raspberry Pi.

Parity Technology 01.2020 – 07.2021

Helping to build Web 3.

Technologies: Rust, Blockchain.

Charlin 01.2019 – 08.2019

I built an engineering team with a strong culture based on trust and efficiency. Optimized for asynchronous work and emphazing code ownership, responsibility, decision making and freedom of choice.

Our mission was to help elders to stay at home longer using IoT.

Technologies: AWS (IoT, Lambda, RDS, Fargate, CloudFront), Terraform, React.js, Node.js, Python, Rust.

Collibra 09.2018 – 12.2018

Helping on frontend development.

Technologies: React, TypeScript, Relay, Jest, Enzyme and WebPack.

TenForce 09.2017 – 08.2018

I'm rewriting completely the front-end of the TenForce Web application to make it fast, responsive and easier to maintain.

Technologies: React, TypeScript, Redux, redux-observable, RxJS, Jest and WebPack.

TenForce 04.2016 – 08.2017

Working on semantic technology, I made backends for OAuth login, Docker Compose & Swarm backend and a few various libraries.

I'm also in charge of the DevOps work part of our department: continuous integration tools, automatic deployment & packaging, etc... I'm always proposing new ideas to improve our processes and development environments.

Technologies: Terraform, Scala, Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Node.js, Python 3 (with asyncio), Open Stack.

Codabox 08.2015 – 03.2016

In an almost flat organization, I analyze the needs and implement various new business logics to our internal softwares including: a REST API, reporting tools and core business services. Part of my role is also to maintain our infrastructure and find solutions to our common issues.

Technologies: Docker, Python, Django, Django REST framework, HTML5.

Odoo 02.2012 – 07.2015

One of my job is to manage a development team, maintain a platform for the migration services (with web services) and provide some support when the tickets need a deeper expertize.

I developed from scratch the migration platform using Python, Odoo and Docker in order to make the deployment much easier. My target was to make a distributed system where workers are located on AWS that can scale depending on the load. I'm still receiving really good feedbacks of my work today by my former colleagues.

YCare 05.2011 – 11.2011

ORM with customized Web application to manage a travel agency and orders from the website.

Software/Languages: Apache Web Server, MySQL, Perl, DBI, XML/XSLT

Tasks: requirements analysis, database design, framework design, customized scripts and web design.

La Fonderie a.s.b.l. 01.2011 – 04.2011

Database development.

Software: FileMaker Pro

Tasks: script creation and server maintenance.

Technical Skills A brief summary

Rust, Scala, JavaScript, Haskell, Python 2/3, Perl, Bash, C++
Django, asyncio/aiohttp, Odoo, Play, Qt, Flask, GTK+, Tk
PostgreSQL, MySQL, Virtuoso, SQLite
TypeScript, React, Redux, RxJS, Jest, WebPack, Hapi
Serverless, Docker, React, Amazon Web Services, Python Async I/O, XML, SDL2
ArchLinux, (WSL), Gentoo, Debian, RedHat, OpenSUSE, SailfishOS
The Gimp (retouching), Inkscape (vector), AutoCAD (CAD)

Catalytic Skills "Soft" skills

  • Leadership
  • Good communicator
  • Transparent
  • Pragmatic
  • Passionate
  • Innovative
  • Autodidact
  • Autonomous
  • Team player
  • Love to share knowledge
  • Good listener
  • Motivator
  • Good sense of humor

Work Quality What I am really good at

I try to choose the path that will bring more effective results in my management and decision making process.
Excellent at scripting and automation. I like the things to work out of the box without any hassle. I believe every project should get continuous integration and proper review.
Getting a quick grasp on unfamiliar codebases, revealing issues, performance analysis and profiling, code simplification, optimization and readability.
Maintainability &
Finding the simplest and most reliable solution to a given problem without losing sight of the fact that every code need to evolve. Fully document it and comment it as much as necessary.
Test-driven development. I like to have a strong test environment including unit and integration tests. I will, however, debate if I believe some tests aren't bringing any value to the application.
Team Working
I like to share my knowledge and I am very patient and easy to work with.

Training Studies

2005 – 2006
Sciences informatiques
Universite Libre de Bruxelles
2002 – 2005
Sciences & Informatique,
Institut Provincial d'Enseignement Technique, Nivelles


I am autodidact. Most of my knowledge come from my own passion for programming and computer in general by reading books.

I am enthusiastic about embedded systems, I own two WRT routers, Raspberry Pi (1 and 2), a Cubieboard and a Novena.

I like doing my own stuff. I made a game system capable of playing a bunch of old retro consoles (mostly 8 bits and 16 bits). I also own a few consoles of my youth: the Sega Saturn (which I modded a bit) and a Sega DreamCast.